Philip Rivers is Bringing Bolo Ties Back into the Limelight for Men and Women


While the bolo tie has seen its spikes in popularity over the years, the most recent jump in urban and suburban interest comes thanks to San Diego Chargers quarterback, Philip Rivers, sporting a collection of bolo ties at press conferences. Rivers’ elk antler bolo tie recently took center stage following the Chargers’ upset of the Denver Broncos. Denver fans are pissed, claiming that bolos belong in Colorado, not So Cal. We, on the other hand, think there’s enough room for bolo ties in every corner of the country. What do you think?

Here’s what the Denver Post has to say:

San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers, this country-and-western cognoscente, wears bolo ties in postgame news conferences, begrudgingly seen by locals after Rivers won in Denver in December. And last Sunday, when the Chargers snatched a playoff victory to earn a return to Denver this Sunday, Rivers sported this grandiose bolo made of elk antler, with a shiny stone in the center.

“If we win on Sunday, it’s because Philip Rivers (ticked) us off by wearing what’s ours,” said Steve Weil, unleashing a grand guffaw. “He’s riled us up. This is our deal, not theirs!”