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Who’s wearing what? From the stage to the silver screen, look who’s turning heads wearing a bolo tie.

Is a vote for Pedro a vote for bolo ties?

In the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite, Efren Ramirez plays to perfection the deadpan Pedro. Though a great actor with many movies to his credit, this is the movie that really brought Efren to most peoples attention. A fine actor, no doubt, but we can’t help but think that the bolo tie he wore helped boost […]

Bill Paxton, badguy in a bolo tie

In the 2013 movie, Two Guns, Bill Paxton plays a CIA agent with an evil streak and his mind set on getting back what he believes is his. Paxton plays the role to the hilt and we couldn’t help but notice his choice of neck wear is a bolo tie.  Silver with turquoise inlay, Paxton’s […]