About Us

Growing up on the beach in Connecticut would seem to be the last place one would become fascinated with bolo ties. Back when my age was in single digits we had two neighbors, one, an artist, the other a writer.  Both these gentlemen wore bolo ties. A close relative who worked on the Manhattan project in NM wore one quite often.  And while in college in Montana, my roommate would break one out for formal and informal occasions. Over the course of 50 plus years it’s always struck me that if you see someone wearing one, you can bet that they’ll be  have a unique way of viewing the world.

Fourteen or so years back I designed and sold several bolo tie designs aimed at those with a passion for bikes or rock climbing. So back then I secured the boloties.com domain.  In the time since I occasionally see one of my designs being worn and it nudges me to continue to follow my passion for all things bolo.

So with the help of a great friend we’ve put together the boloties.com site as a place to celebrate the artistry and unique style of bolo ties.